CIS Accountants

All contractors operating in the UK, even if they’re based overseas, are required to register for the CIS and take deductions from subcontractors’ pay. These count as advance payments toward subcontractors’ tax and National Insurance contributions.

CIS accountants for contractors

Contractors are required to inform HMRC of the CIS tax deductions they make by filing a CIS tax return by the 19th of every month.

Accuracy on these returns is imperative, as mistakes can incur penalties of up to £3000. It’s also vital to file them on time; if you’re just one day late, you’ll be landed with a £100 fine.

As your specialist CIS accountants, we will:

Remind you when it’s time to file a return and request information every month

Add and verify new subcontractors

Process payslips and deduction statements for subcontractors

Submit your monthly CIS returns

Represent you in all tax-related correspondence and investigations

Provide ongoing advice and support on CIS issues

CIS accountants for subcontractors

As a subcontractor: You need to complete self-assessment tax returns to inform HMRC of your earnings, expenditure, and the amount of CIS tax deducted by your contractor. By the end of the tax year, you’ll usually be due a refund.

As your CIS accountants, we will:

Let you know when it’s time to send us records (by telephone, email, post, or in person if you’re local)

Prepare your accounts to identify all eligible expenses, including those you might not know of

Submit tax returns on time and in full compliance with regulations to avoid penalties

Help trace or calculate income history in case of lost payslips and other documents

Apply for tax refunds, ensuring the largest pay-outs possible

Chase up HMRC for tax repayments

Provide a dedicated point of contact on our specialist accountancy team

Represent you in HMRC correspondence and investigations

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