VAT Planning And Disputes

Compliance with VAT is becoming ever more complex. Investigations from the VATman can be intense – all the more important that you have an accountant who is successful in negotiations with them.

We take best advantage of the reliefs available and the interpretation of the regulations. This is an extremely important feature of the service provided as it ensures peace of mind for all our clients.

We can help you with VAT in the following ways…

Applying for and advice on VAT registration

Advice on the VAT schemes suitable to your business

  1. Flat Rate where you pay a fixed rate of VAT to HMRC
  2. Cash Accounting VAT where you pay VAT on your sales when your customers pay you
  3. Annual Accounting Scheme – usually companies that are registered for VAT submit 4 returns a year – with this scheme you submit 1 return per year and make advance payments throughout the year based on your last previous return cost. At the end of the year you pay the remainder of VAT due or reclaim what’s been overpaid.  The scheme wouldn’t suit your business if you regularly reclaim VAT because you’ll only be able to get 1 refund a year (when you submit the VAT Return)
  4. Basic VAT – where you declare all your sales and purchases for the quarter and the difference is either paid to HMRC or reclaimed by us for you directly to your bank account

Completion of VAT returns - either from your books or we can do the bookkeeping for you. By letting us complete your VAT return it ensures that it will be accurate and that you don't miss any opportunities to claim the VAT you should

Dealing with VAT control visits – this can be a daunting experience but rest assured we have the expertise to conduct any visit with HMRC

Dealing with any contentious disputes that arise with Customs

Advising on the more complex Global VAT and Customs Duty Issues

Claims for Overseas VAT

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