Employment Law

Employment law is a topic which will affect most of us at some point in our lives, so it is important to have a good understanding of it. Essentially, employment law is the legal field which covers the relationship between employees and employers, including what your employers can expect from you and ask you to do, and the rights you have at work.

People are most business’s biggest asset (and cost).  Managed well, your business could benefit from increased profits and happier customers. We’ll help you recruit, retain and train the best people for your business.

There are two different types of employee rights – statutory rights, and the rights set out in your contract. Understanding your employment rights, and knowing if they are being breached, is the best way to ensure that you are being treated fairly at work.

We understand that difficult employees, sickness, lateness and poor attitude can put a massive strain on your business ­­­­­- and you. We offer sympathetic, expert, commercial advice from the best brains in the business. And if times get tough, we’ll support you through disciplinaries, redundancies, grievances or tribunals.

We’ll save you time and stress

We’ll sort out your contracts of employment to ensure they are up to date with The Employment Rights Act 1996 and employee handbooks and, once you’re up to speed, leaving you with more time to concentrate on your business.

How we can help

Age discrimination

Contracts of employment

  • Continuous employment
  • Fixed term contracts
  • Flexible working
  • Job sharing
  • Part-time employment contracts

Dismissal procedure

Employment rights

Employee engagement

Employment tribunals

General working rules

Holiday entitlement

Lateness policy

Managing sickness absence

Maternity and paternity

National living wage

Race discrimination

Recruitment and selection


Sex discrimination

Working Time Regulations

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